Editing On the Go

Create and edit your next stunning video with only the tools from your pocket. 

Mobile platforms are intuitive and always at a film director’s beck and call. Having the tools to bring your vision to life doesn’t have to drain your wallet or rob you of a quality end product. Being able to edit videos at a moment's notice gives you an edge when releasing new content. Convenience might just help you stay current and active when you don’t have the time or resources at your disposal all the time. While mobile editing can’t replace your relationship with your desktop, it does offer some unique rewards.

You're uninhibited by the idea of needing just your phone, which is on you at all times anyway. Due to apps’ intuitive interfaces, your phone can often be more user friendly than a desktop. Active filmmakers can get weighed down by heavy filming and editing equipment. 

Fresh mobile content is in high demand within a culture that orbits around social media.  Businesses can fail or thrive depending on how they cater to their consumer’s rapid intake. The ability and knowledge to create quality content in mere minutes can impress clients, audiences, and other professionals alike. Mobile editing can be a gateway to bigger projects.  Impress someone with a snippet of your abilities, then they’ll pay to see what you can do on a larger scale. It’s time to upgrade your tools and bring your content to the next level by going mobile.

The Basics: Free Video Editing Apps 

iMovie (iPhone)

The best thing about iMovie is it comes free with all Apple software. (That’s also the worst news if you aren’t Apple oriented.) Because it’s already part of Apple’s software it’s intuitive to use. If you are confident in navigating your way around your phone, iMovie will be a breeze to learn. 

On mobile, it will exceed your limited expectations of its beginner capabilities. You can edit a fair amount of footage quickly and extensively. iMovie gives you access to an array of basic editing tools plus filters, transitions, and text options. 

It’s got all the basics to create a trailer or short film.  A nice bonus feature is the offer to allow you to upload your projects directly to social platforms. It is a great program for beginners or simple projects. 

iMovie Tutorial 

HitFilm Express (iPhone)

The miracle that is HitFilm Express is gifted through this free app. This is one of the rare examples of a free version actually costing nothing. Tom’s Guide refers to this as “...The best free editing software”. 

The software provides unparalleled editing capabilities for adding and editing background audio. Along with the basics, they offer tools for creating presets, green screen moments, special effects, and export flexibility. 

Access to all-in-one editing software and visual effects is paired with a wide range of tutorials and support in this free app. Not only will they give you the tools to create, but they’ll also help you use them. 

HitFilm Express Tutorial 

Quik (Android, iPhone)

This app connects flawlessly with your GoPro.  You can upload and edit your GoPro footage directly in the app. For a filmmaker constantly on the go, that doesn’t want to carry hoards of equipment, a GoPro is great for getting amazing angles and action content, so it’s nice to have an app that is created with that specific tool in mind. 

When you upload footage and photos, Quik has the technology to analyze the content and detect standout moments, faces, and colors. If you’re not satisfied with the chosen interest points, you can still adjust them manually. Another standout feature is the program’s ability to sync footage to the beat of the music.  It’s also equipped with fonts, filters, and graphics for you to add.  It’s a great app for making quick, action-packed videos. 

Quik Tutorial 

FilmoraGo (Android, iPhone)

One of FIlmoraGo’s standout features is its “pip” (picture-in-picture) capabilities. This allows you to place a clip on top of another clip. It’s mainly useful for a reaction or commentary video but nonetheless is a unique feature. 

Despite all of its amazing features, the free version does leave a watermark on the projects you edit on their platform.  To get rid of the watermark you have to upgrade to the pro version for $4.99/ month. 

FilmoraGo Tutorial

The Icing on Top: Subscription-Based Editing Apps

Premiere Rush (Android, iPhone)

Price: $9.99/ month (free with paid Adobe Creative Cloud account)

As part of Adobe’s creative cloud, Premiere Rush acts as the program's video editing software.  The app is great for social and web content creators.  A bonus is the ability to create and edit sound bites in the app, without having to exit it. That paired with the NLE (non-linear editing) perks, makes this program a solid choice. 

If you already have an Adobe creative cloud account, you might as well take advantage of all of its applications and download Premiere. It’s a great option for simplified video editing.  If you’re looking for a more intricate interface, you may want to keep searching for a program that will give you more free reign to experiment. 

Premiere Rush Tutorial 

Splice (iPhone)

Price: $2.99/ week

Splice is all about adding effects. You can add your desired effects, animations, or title cards.  Using the apps title cards and effect overlays can create perfect videos for social platforms. With a simple and easy layout, you can start creating right away. 

For those looking to bring their vlogs to the next level, the app also gives you access to effect overlays and image animation. After your project is finished Splice gives you the ability to do slideshow exports. 

Splice Tutorial 

KineMaster (Android, iPhone)

Price: $57.99/ year

KineMaster has all the basic goodies of other editing apps but stands out with its color-correcting abilities. It’s a professional level app, supporting multiple levels of video, images, text, and multi-track audio.

You can create intricate projects with ease through this comprehensive tool kit. The access to precise trimming and cutting can help set your video apart. The precision keeps the quality of your project intact and consistent. 

KineMaster Tutorial 

LumaFusion (iPhone)

Price: $29.99 (plus in-app feature add ons)

LumaFusion has an endless array of benefits that make it a powerful editing tool.  It makes the footage caught while on the move go ready for sharing. It’s a feature-rich program, giving the user all the tools to act as an artist and make their vision come to life. 

Despite LumaFusions endless possibilities, it has one major downside.  The software does not support syncing between devices, so if you start a project on your phone you can’t resume it on your laptop later. That being said if you can get past that, it’s a highly recommended, professional-level app. 

LumaFusion Tutorial 

InShot (Android, iPhone)

Price: $3.99/ month, $14.99/ year, $34.99/ lifetime access 

When making content on the go, the project often ends up on Instagram or YouTube.  While not the most sophisticated video editing app, InShot is geared towards helping a social media connoisseur thrive. 

It’s preset canvas sizes for social platforms allow you to create projects with specific social media programs in mind, so they’ll translate flawlessly. The interface, both attractive and simple, makes it easy to import trim and edit videos. If you’re interested in giving your video some flair, you’re able to add fun things such as stickers, filters, and sound effects.

 You’re able to manipulate your footage how you want using just one app.  Once you get past the initial confusion and lack of tutorial videos it’s a great tool. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a more professional or in-depth platform, this may not suit your needs.

InShot Tutorial 

No matter your budget, being able to create on the go is a must in the modern market.  The less time between filming and releasing a project, the better.  Think deeply about which app best suits your needs and style of videos. 

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